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Let us source
the talent you need.


A complex problem requires creative solutions

There are four major programs of assistance designed to address your employment needs:

You Show Direct

Our team of professional expert recruiters source valued candidates regionally or nationally.  Our professional recruiters are trained to recognize red flags and avoid costs related to poor hiring decisions.

You Show Temporary Placement Program

Long and Short-Term Temporary (Seasonal) placement program – provides a flexible contingent workforce designed to assist employers with completing important projects, long and short-term.

"Success" Supported Employment

Designed to address staffing needs for those requiring employment support - assessments, Placement and Training, and Long Term/Extended Employment Support Services.

You Show, Work-to-Hire

Our Work-to-Hire program allows the transition from temporary to direct placement – This program was designed to allow the assessment of the candidate's work product prior to making a hiring decision.

Our You Show Us programs will help...
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Decrease Turnover
The average training cost per employee is $1,252. This figure doesn’t include unemployment costs, which can exceed $ 9,000 in unemployment taxes.
Increase Productivity
Our experts source and sift through quality candidates through adaptive screening sessions, employment verification, reference checks, and background searches.
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Cutting Costs
Did you know that according to benchmark data from the SHRM the average cost per hire was nearly $ 4,700.00 when training, benefits and productivity is taken into account?
You Show Us Roanoke Office
Recruiting and Placing Top Talent

You Show Us is a quality, recruiting and staffing service based in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We cater to businesses of all sizes, whether you're a large corporation seeking to expand your workforce or a small start-up in need of outsourced recruiting and HR solutions. We take pride in providing our comprehensive services to meet your unique staffing requirements and support your growth. Partner with us and let us help you find the right talent to drive your success

  1. Outsource your recruiting, advertising, and interviewing costs to executive recruiters with over 20 years of hiring experience. 
  2. Use the trial-by-experience method of hiring to expose problems before you hire. We seek out qualified and productive performers with a track record of success. 
  3. A 2022 SHRM study estimates that the average cost of employee onboarding is $4,100 per new hire. Let us show you how to reduce turnover and lower costs. 
  4. Our direct hire program targets the best in the industry at half the cost of national recruiters. 
  5. Explore our job coaching program we take on-the-job training to the next level. 
  6. Are recruiting and screening costing you time and money? Allow employment executives to provide professional HR services so you can do what you know best, running your business. 
  7. Enjoy the benefits of privatized hiring and avoid harmful exposure to your business and brand while building an efficient and productive permanent staff. 
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