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Success Supported Employment


What is Supported Employment?

Individuals facing disabilities may encounter difficulties in securing meaningful employment due to diverse barriers and unique circumstances. To tackle this challenge, You Show Us, Success Employment Service provides Assessment, Placement, and Training, as well as Long-Term Follow Along Services.


Customized discovery, job shadowing, and workplace readiness assessments aim to empower individuals with disabilities by helping them explore their vocational interests, gain workplace exposure, and develop the necessary skills for successful employment. By tailoring our approach to each individual’s unique abilities and aspirations, we strive to facilitate their journey toward finding and maintaining meaningful employment opportunities.


Discovery: Customized discovery, we work closely with individuals to identify their strengths, preferences, and vocational goals. This process involves one-on-one conversations, vocational assessments, and exploration of potential career paths. We believe that each individual has unique skills, talents, and interests. By understanding each person's abilities and aspirations, we can tailor our support to match their specific needs and find the best-fitting employment opportunities.


Job shadowing provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in different work environments. Through job shadowing, participants can observe and learn about various job roles, tasks, and workplace dynamics. This hands-on experience helps individuals make informed decisions about their career choices, build confidence, and develop a better understanding of the skills required in different industries.

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Workplace Readiness Assessment: It is crucial to assess an individual’s readiness for the workplace before seeking employment opportunities. Our workplace readiness assessments evaluate an individual’s skills, abilities, and potential areas for growth. This assessment includes evaluating communication skills, problem-solving abilities, time management, and interpersonal skills. Based on the assessment results, we can provide targeted support, training, or referrals to additional resources to enhance employment successful employment.

Placement and Training Services

Business Colleagues

Job Development focuses on creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities by building relationships with businesses and matching job seekers with suitable positions. Job Coaching provides ongoing support to individuals with disabilities in the workplace, helping them learn job tasks, develop skills, and overcome challenges. Together, Job Development and Job Coaching empower individuals with disabilities, promote inclusivity, and facilitate long-term career success.

Long Term Follow Along Services

Extended Success

You Show Us provides Long-Term Follow Along Services. Our program offers continuing support to ensure successful integration into the workplace. The You Show Us, follow-along program assists individuals with achieving long-term employment success by overcoming barriers to full employment. The Long-Term Follow Along program is part of Success Employment which strives to achieve quality support and help maintain employment goals including financial stability, continued growth, and individual wellness. 

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Who We Are: You Show Us Success

As a community-based supported employment service, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in the job market. Our person-centered approach focuses on providing personalized job coaching, vocational training, and ongoing support to ensure successful placements and long-term job retention. We are deeply committed to fostering inclusivity and collaboration within the local community. By partnering with businesses, organizations, and government agencies, we create a supportive ecosystem that breaks down barriers and creates opportunities for individuals with disabilities to showcase their talents. Join us in our mission to transform lives through meaningful employment. Together, we can build an inclusive workforce where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and thrive.

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